Bespoke Chocolate and Gift Boxes

At ArtyChocs, we rarely produce a 'printed' box. Instead, we enjoy creating (and offering for sale) a number of Handcrafted and Hand-decorated Gift and Chocolate boxes of our own design, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Styles utilised include: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Seasonal and Themed. In addition: Child of The Time - based on a series of waterclour paintings by Majolein Haworth.

Perhaps the most notable feature of our gift boxes is that each one is unique ... making the basis for a special gift for a special person in your life, and because the boxes are - in general - unique, they are available to purchase only once although we can create something similar - just ask.

Gift Boxes can contain Chocolates, Traditional Dutch liquorice, Bathroom Delights, Lavender and other goodies, to suit the occasion; many are supplied with a complementary Greeting Card - personalised upon request.

For those who prefer and appreciate handcrafted things ....

.. and take pleasure in giving unique and endearing gifts

Bathroom Delights

A selection of good-quality bathroom delights - beautifully presented - in one of our handcrafted or hand-decorated Gift Boxes can make a lovely, thoughtful gift. You can include a handcrafted and personalised Card.


Incense is utilised widely for a variety of purposes - we just love the 'scent' and the mood enhancements it brings.
We have many different brands and fragrances to choose from.


As already indicated, the Child of The Time Collection - a series of watercolour paintings by Marjolein and which feature on several of our box designs - depict children of the early 1900's dressed in vintage style.
Prints are available upon request.
Contact Us for more information.
Canvas Prints are also available, with or without a custom made frame - please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Just ART introduces: Art ON OBJECTS - coming soon. You can view an example here The Chair



Whilst browsing our webpages, If you see a particular style/design that you like, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will do our best to fulfill your requirements. You can view examples of our creations
If an item is currently available we will advise you by return and you can proceed via PayPal to complete your purchase. The purchase of any standard item (ie. what you see is what you get) via our website will be at a lower cost than purchasing the same thing via our ebayUK listings. Why ? - no Ebay fees to pay.

It's hardly a business !
As many will know, constructing gift boxes by hand along with all the other handcrafting and hand-decoration necessary to produce a unique and finished product - can take a lot of time. It's not usually possible to recoup - in monetary terms - for the hours spent in construction and at the same time present a product at a reasonable price.
We consider ArtyChocs to be more of a 'hobby' website, rather than a 'business', where people can browse our designs/styles and view examples of the gift boxes and other art and craft creations produced to clients requirements or from our own stock designs and ideas. Many of the handcrafted items featured on the website have been sold, however you can view some of the items currently available to purchase, on ebayUK -




Now available: A4 and A3 Digital Prints - on 300gsm Fine Art Gallery Paper, using fade resistant UV pigments inks- from £18 + p&p.bridesmaid2450x377adj1

In addition, any of the 'Child of The Time' paintings can be supplied as Premium Deep Edge Canvas Prints - 406 x 304mm, 100% Cotton, with a 38mm deep return - from £35 + p&p (without a custom frame)


The Canvas Print pictured, on the easel, has a [cotton] crochet frame - full depth, as requested by a client.

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements or perhaps you might want to let us loose on it ! ie. the frame design and materials.

Art ON OBJECTS - by artist Marjolein. Something a bit different: Beautiful paintings on a variety of objects. Starting with THE CHAIR, measuring approx. 50cm square x 80cm high - many hours have been given to this work of art; using a base of: 2 coats primer and 2 coats of water based ivory eggshell quality paint.

The paintings on the chair created in Daler & Rowney acrylic paints. Finished with 3 coats of Craig & Rose clear, acrylic eggshell varnish. Click-on the picture below to view more ...


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